Mason Malmuth: Writer Profiles Series

Hailing from Coral Gables, Florida, Mason Malmuth is the founder and owner of Two Plus Two publishing, a well-recognised book publishing company that focuses entirely on books about casino games, gambling, and game strategy.

Malmuth is a degreed mathematician, having graduated from Virginia Tech’s Mathematics program in 1975, and he has applied his understanding of mathematics to intelligently analyse – and play – poker, blackjack, craps and more.

Following his graduation from Virginia Tech, Malmuth worked primarily as a mathematician for Northrop Corporation, playing poker on the side in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. He began writing about casino games in the early 80s, publishing his first articles about strategy in blackjack.

His early gambling writing brought him enough recognition and success that he was able to quit his desk job at Northrop and begin working in the field of his passion. Starting in 1987, Malmuth went pro, making a living completely from gambling and writing about gambling.

Mason Malmuth’s gambling writing was by far the most successful for him, and, since becoming a professional gambler and writer, he has written hundreds of articles and over a dozen books.

He started Two Plus Two Publishing to be a publishing house devoted to books about gambling, and most of his significant writings have been published through Two Plus Two.

Two Plus Two Publishing also runs a website known as Two Plus Two Interactive, which is home to one of the most popular poker forums in the world. Two Plus Two Interactive hosts lessons, strategies, discussions, advice, and various trivia about poker directly on their site.

Two Plus Two Interactive also is home to a podcast called the 2+2 PokerCast, which centers around news, rumors, and tutorial interviews.

Some of Mason Malmuth’s most successful books are listed below:

1. How to Make $100,000 a Year Gambling for a Living
a. “Gambling for a Living” argues that it is not only possible, but easier than one might think to make a living as a professional gambler. The book discusses how, by focusing on “beatable” games and learning their strategies intimately, one can make a comfortable living playing select casino games. It is targeted at inexperienced gamblers who are ready to learn.
2. Small Stakes Hold’em: Winning Big with Expert Play
a. “Small Stakes Hold’em” is a book all about Texas Hold’em. It discusses the popularity of the game, strategies to secure wins, and how to avoid the pitfalls that many players stumble in. Small Stakes Hold’em puts forward an aggressive playstyle that is expertly detailed, focused on granting newer players the insights that professionals already have.
3. Fundamentals of Poker
a. This booklet focuses on teaching the core concepts behind winning poker play. These fundamentals include tactics such as being choosy with the games players enter, aggressive play, positioning, and learning to read other players. Fundamentals of Poker is a condensed book of tangible strategies to help players win more.
4. Gambling Theory and Other Topics
a. “Gambling Theory” is devoted to the more analytical side of gambling, aiming to understand the trends, tactics, and characteristics in gambling and good gambling play. The book focuses on giving an answer to the question of why some players win regularly and others seem to only lose, and then apply this information to gambling and beyond.
5. Winning Concepts in Draw and Lowball
a. This book is devoted to two card games that have a lot less material devoted to them than the most popular games of poker and blackjack. “Winning Concepts in Draw and Lowball” is designed to lead a new player to the game on the path to mastery, offering tips and strategies later on in the book that are valuable even to experienced professionals.

Mason Malmuth’s most recent books have focused on gambling theory, video poker, and dealing poker. In 2009, he published an expanded edition of one of his most successful books, “The Professional Poker Dealer’s Handbook.”

Many of his books, including the Poker Dealer’s Handbooks, are co-authored by Dan Paymar and Donna Harris. He has also repeatedly worked with Lynne Loomis and poker pro David Sklansky.

Malmuth’s long career in gambling has made him a much sought-after voice for those looking to learn and improve their own game. His personal success has largely influenced and informed his writings, as has his experience with losing and minimizing losses.