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The Truth Machine $24.47 (reg. $34.95)

curran comp.indd

The Anatomy of Blackness $20.97 (reg. $29.95)

corn comp.indd

User Unfriendly $38.50 (reg. $55.00)

Rossiter cover comp.indd

Women Scientists in America, vol. 3 $31.50 (reg. $45.00)


The Electric Vehicle $24.47 (reg. $34.95)


The Savant and the State $42.00 (reg. $60.00)

pietsch_JACKET COMP5.indd

Trees of Life $24.47 (reg. $34.95)

nicolson comp again.indd

Imaging and Imagining the Fetus $35.00 (reg. $50.00)

november comp.indd

Biomedical Computing $42.00 (reg. $60.00)

ben-zaken comp.indd

Reading Hayy Ibn-Yaqzan $42.00 (reg. $60.00)


Science and Eastern Orthodoxy $38.50 (reg. $55.00)

mccurdy comp.indd

Space and the American Imagination $21.00 (reg. $30.00)


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