Monthly contest: share your sounds

Do you hear that?

In September 2011, the journal American Quarterly released its annual special issue. This edition “Sound Clash: Listening to American Studies” gave authors a chance to study the role sound plays in American culture. Articles focused not only on music, but on noise pollution, CB radios, and telephone training films. A special web page was posted with supplementary content from a number of the articles.

Show us how sound affects your life with our first monthly contest.

Submit a sound clip (MP3 format, please) which best describes your American experience. Let us hear what your commute sounds like or the ambient sound of your favorite restaurant. Maybe the sound of children playing speaks to you or you get inspired by the everyday sounds in your office.

We will collect these audio postcards and share selections here at a later date. Please submit your entry of one minute or less by February 17 to [email protected]. The first 10 entries will receive a free copy of the American Quarterly special issue.