Book giveaway: translate this!

The United States invaded Iraq nine years ago yesterday. And with combat troops out of that nation and plans to withdraw from Afghanistan well under way–despite some ongoing controversy–international relations scholar Mark N. Katz’s newest book, Leaving without Losing: The War on Terror after Iraq and Afghanistan, is a timely argument for viewing America’s disengagement from the two theaters of war as a strategic move that will lead to victory over radical Islam in the long term.

With that in mind–and Leaving without Losing due out now very soon (go figure, the book’s available already. Thought someone would have told us. – ed.)–we’re offering our readers a crack at a free copy of the book. In January, independent journalist Iara Mantiñán Bua interviewed professor Katz about the simmering tensions between Israel and Iran over the latter nation’s alleged pursuit of nuclear weapons. The interview is published in Spanish and we’ll give one free copy of Leaving without Losing to the first, most accurate translation of the interview, as judged by Ms. Bua. Simply send your translation to Brendan Coyne. We’ll announce the winner and post the winning translation here.