The Village Review

By Janet Gilbert, Direct Mail and Renewals Coordinator, Journals

There is a volunteering group
Here at the Hopkins Press,
That was set up to foster
Teamwork and togetherness.

Yes, our adjacent buildings on
North Charles Street in the city
Are bridged by the activities of
The Press Social Committee!

One lunchtime meeting, long ago,
We got it in our heads,
That we could do some more–much more–
Than bring in breakfast breads.

We thought about our neighborhood,
Particularly, one space:
Just around the corner at
The Village Learning Place.

What might we have to offer?
What could we do, to be
A friend, and a much stronger part
Of our community?

We met with teachers, brainstorming
A plan, met with elation:
A student-written journal–
A polished publication!

A year of work went into this,
We took the students through
The Press publishing process,
Including “peer review.”

Today, we get to celebrate,
And students get to hold
The journal they created,
The Village Review, behold!

The middle-schoolers learned a lot,
But, frankly, so did we.
We present this journal of their work
With love, and gratefully.

Special thanks to the team of Press and VLP volunteers: Brian, Chris, Courtney, Holly, Jeff, Jen, Jim, Kara, Kate, Kris, Michael, Patty, Rosa, Shannon, Brian, and Suzanne. Thanks especially to The Sheridan Press who donated the printing of The Village Review. A celebration to mark the publication of the first edition will take place this week so the students can share their work with family, friends, and community leaders.