Happy Anniversary!

Earlier this week, the staff of the Press gathered to honor colleagues who have celebrated a special anniversary during the past fiscal year. The 21st Annual Employee Awards Ceremony  provided an opportunity for managers to sing the praises of the honorees, as well as embarrass them a little bit in a few instances.

We’re lucky to work with great people who have contributed to the Press’ long-term excellence for a number of years. We congratulate them on their milestones and thank them for all they do each and every day. And for giving us a chance to have a party on a hot Thursday afternoon!

35 Years: Patricia Smith (Journals Subscriptions)

25 Years: Natalie Garrity (Journals Subscriptions)

20 Years: Linda West (Books Design and Production), Alice Jones (HFS Customer Service), Sharon Ringgold (Information Technology), Stacey Armstead (Information Technology)

15 Years: Wilma Rosenberger (Books Design and Production), Melanie Schaffner (Project MUSE Marketing)

10 Years: Thom Maszczenski (Information Technology), Kathy Alexander (Books Marketing), Paul Peroutka (Mailroom), V. Davis (Accounting), Michael Carroll (Online Books), Kathleen Gochenour (Journals Subscriptions)

5 Years: Daniel Martin (Information Technology), John Cronin (Books Design and Production),  Joanne Braverman (HFS Account Representative), Kathryn Orr (Journals Production), Linda Edmonds (HFS Customer Service)

Some of the honorees gathered for a group photo before the ceremony. From left, (front row) Wilma Rosenberger, Patricia Smith, Kathy Alexander, Natalie Garrity, Sharon Ringgold; (back row) Thom Maszczenski , Daniel Martin, John Cronin, V. Davis, Kathy Gochenour, Melanie Schaffner.

Davida Breier, Hopkins Fulfillment Services Manager, honors Mailroom Coordinator Paul Peroutka for his 10 years of service.

Press staff members enjoy snacks after the Annual Employee Awards Ceremony.