August Buzz at JHU Press

New to Hit the Shelves

Parrots: The Animal Answer Guide : Have you ever wondered what parrots eat in the wild? Or why so many species live in the Amazon? Glorious photographs and accurate answers to every question about parrots make this a must-have for any bird lover.

Vaccine: The Debate in Modern America : Mark A. Largent explains the history of the debate surrounding vaccines and identifies issues that parents, pediatricians, politicians, and public health officials must address.

My Lai: An American Atrocity in the Vietnam War : On March 16, 1968, American soldiers killed as many as five hundred Vietnamese men, women, and children in a village near the South China Sea. William Thomas Allison tells the story of this terrible moment in American history and explores how to deal with the aftermath.

Getting Inside Your Head: What Cognitive Science Can Tell Us about Popular Culture : Using the psychological concept called theory of mind, Lisa Zunshine explores the appeal of movies, novels, paintings, musicals, and reality television.

Getting to Graduation: The Completion Agenda in Higher Education: The United States, long considered to have the best higher education in the world, now ranks eleventh in the proportion of 25- to 34-year-olds with a college degree. Getting to Graduation explores the reforms that we must pursue to recover a position of international leadership in higher education as well as the obstacles to those reforms.

Depression and Anxiety in Later Life: What Everyone Needs to Know : Drs. Mark D. Miller and Charles F. Reynolds III explore how depression and anxiety can be avoided or minimized by adapting to changing circumstances while controlling risk factors and getting help when it’s needed.

News, Notes, and Reviews

Steven Gimbel’s Einstein’s Jewish Science has recently grabbed the attention of the New York Times Sunday Book Review, which called Gimbel “an engaging writer” in its front page review!