APSA 2013 Virtual Exhibit Grand Opening

Welcome to our APSA 2013 Virtual Exhibit!


Though the American Political Science Association’s annual meeting doesn’t begin for another day, we’re open for business online now. While we’re in the Windy City busily building our exhibit hall display, you can simply click on the banner above to enter our exhibit and check out our new, recent, and highlighted publications, including Zbig: The Strategy and Statecraft of Zbigniew Brzezinski, edited by Charles Gati;  Armed Political Organizations: From Conflict to Integration, by Benedetta Berti; Harry Potter and the Millenials: Research Methods and the Politics of the Muggle Generation, by Anthony Gierzynski; the two latest Journal of Democracy titles, Will China Democratize? and Democracy in East Asia; and the fourth edition of David Rusk’s classic work, Cities without Suburbs.