Journal Author Turns Adversity into Triumph

By Lauren Anderson
Marketing Assistant

Angela Moore has lived a life full of challenges. Since birth, she has suffered from acquired spastic cerebral palsy. Although the odds were stacked against her, she never let her condition get the better of her or allowed it to define her entire life. After being diagnosed with breast cancer at forty-two, Moore wrote about her remarkable life story for the 1000 Voices Project.

The staff of the journal Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics (winner of the 2012 Prose award for Best New Journal in Science, Technology and Medicine) found Moore’s writing so impressive that they invited her to share her story in their Winter 2013 issue. In her resulting article, Moore talks about her desire for the public to develop a greater understanding of people with disabilities, and urges disabled individuals to embrace their condition and look beyond it. A recent Australian newspaper profile of Moore described her ascent to journal article author.

NIB’s main mission is to develop a deeper understanding of bioethical issues by publishing rich descriptions of complex human experiences written in the words of the person experiencing them. This approach, which is evident in Moore’s piece, stands in sharp contrast to the more scholarly prose style adopted by other journals.