News, Reviews, and Coverage: A Media Roundup

With the wonderful reviews we are receiving, it’s hard not to feel the love this Valentine’s Day! To read the articles and reviews or listen to the podcasts mentioned in this piece , click on the respective hyperlinks below.

Happy Valentine’s Day from JHUP!

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boeskyContributors to The Story Within, a book edited by Amy Boesky and devoted to the stories of individuals living with genetic disorders, spoke on the BBC World Service Health Check.  They discussed the difficult decisions involved with the discovery of a family history of a genetic disorder. You can listen to the entire interview here.

goff comp.inddThe Winter Olympics are in full swing in Sochi, which is why John Eric Goff, author of Gold Medal Physics: The Science of Sports,  spoke to All Things Considered and will be serving as the “Olympic Physicist” on The Takeaway.

Expect to hear coverage of the ski jump, speed skating, and the somewhat confusing (but always interesting) sport of curling.

bertiThe Huffington Post names Benedetta Berti’s Armed Political Organizations: From Conflict to Integration one of the best political science books of 2013.

“Berti’s intricate research reveals the history and institutional components of each group beyond what we have come to accept about each.” —The Huffington Post

goldsmith righttrim mock-up.inddBlake’s Agitationby Steven Goldsmith, graces the cover of the Times Literary Supplement. TLS’s blog notes that “Simon Jarvis reviews a ‘subtle, complicated, and counter-intuitive’ study of William Blake . . . which shifts attention away from that great poet and artist’s radical, revolutionary ‘enthusiasm,’ and maintains a ‘resolutely agnostic stance on the question of the real extent of Blake’s connections with practical politics.’ ”

The Washington Post reviewed Stephen Joel Trachtenberg, Gerald B. Kauvar, and E. Grady Bogue’s Presidencies Derailed.

Joe O’Shea, author of Gap Year, published an op-ed in Inside Higher Ed discussing the potential benefits of deferring college for a year.

The Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences reviewed Telling Genes, by Alexandra Minna Stern.

The new audiobook version of The 36-Hour Day was reviewed in Library Journal.

Don Lincoln’s Alien Universe was called “the definitive guide to where we are in the search for extraterrestrials” by Cosmos.

SouthwellListen to WUNC’s The State of Things  interview with Brian G. Southwell, author of Social Networks and Popular Understanding of Science and Health: Sharing Disparities, which asks the question, “Is Facebook good for your health?”

“There were a lot of folks that were off the radar, more marginalized . . . They were missing out on potentially life-saving information just by virtue of the fact that they were less well-connected.” -Brian Southwell, on The State of Things

weaver-zercher rev comp.inddInterfaith Voices aired an interview with Valerie Weaver-Zercher on January 23rd about her book, Thrill of the Chaste: The Allure of Amish Romance Novels.