Meet us in Oklahoma City: American Society of Mammalogists

by Vincent J. Burke

America’s Premier Mammalogy Publisher will be at the ASM annual meeting in Oklahoma City

Once again Johns Hopkins University Press will present its line of top-selling Mammalogy books. Our titles range from classics such as Walker’s Mammals of the World to the field’s leading textbook, Mammalogy: Adaptation, Diversity, Ecology, to the technical-reference must-own book Mammal Species of the World. Please stop by our booth to meet with me (executive editor Vince Burke) and see works by our illustrious line up of authors, including Troy Best, George Feldhamer, Colin Groves, John Koprowski, Joseph Merritt, Virginia Naples, DeeAnn Reeder, John Seidensticker, Mike Steele, Richard Thorington, Uldis Roze, Don Wilson, and E.O. Wilson. Hear about upcoming books by Gerardo Ceballos, Craig Frank, Stan Gehrt, Larry Heaney, Kris Helgen, Jon Jenks, Rolland Kays, Steve Sheffield, Andrew Smith, and Felisa Smith.

Whether you want to browse the shelf or chat about book ideas you may have, we always appreciate a few minutes of your time to converse about the latest trends in mammalogy, exciting discoveries in the field, and books that need to be written.

If you stop by, please consider ordering an advance copy of Gerardo Ceballos’s monumental work, Mammals of Mexico, which will be published in August. Also, we welcome hearing from those of you who teach mammalogy so that we can update you on the schedule for the new edition of the Feldhamer et al. textbook.

ASM Featured New and Bestselling Titles:

Mammals of Mexico, edited by Gerardo Ceballos
Polar Bears: A Complete Guide to Their Biology and Behavior, text by Andrew E. Derocher, photographs by Wayne Lynch
Mammalogy: Adaptation, Diversity, Ecology, third edition, by George A. Feldhamer, Lee C. Drickamer, Stephen H. Vessey, Joseph F. Merritt, and Carey Krajewski
Primate Comparative Anatomy, by Daniel L. Gebo
Ungulate Taxonomy, by Colin Groves and Peter Grubb
Bats of the United States and Canada, by Michael J. Harvey, J. Scott Altenbach, and Troy L. Best
Wildlife Management and Conservation: Contemporary Principles and Practices, edited by Paul R. Krausman and James W. Cain III
The Biology of Small Mammals, by Joseph F. Merritt
Porcupines: The Animal Answer Guide, by Uldis Roze
The Wildlife Techniques Manual: Volume 1: Research; Volume 2: Management; 2-vol. set; seventh edition; edited by Nova J. Silvy
Squirrels: The Animal Answer Guide, by Richard W. Thorington, Jr., and Katie E. Ferrell
Squirrels of the World, by Richard W. Thorington, Jr., John L. Koprowski, Michael A. Steele, and James F. Whatton
Mammal Species of the World: A Taxonomic and Geographic Reference, third edition, 2-vol. set, edited by Don E. Wilson and DeeAnn M. Reeder

Executive Editor Vincent J. Burke, PhD, acquires books in science and mathematics for the JHU Press; follow him on Twitter at @VBurke2. In Oklahoma City, meet Vince and the  JHU Press at our space at the Renaissance Oklahoma City Convention Center Hotel and Cox Convention Center. Use the ASM discount code HEYS to receive a 30% discount on all books featured in this blog post or mention this code when calling in your order at 1-800-537-5487. Check out the ASM on Facebook and Twitter; read more about the ASM Annual Meeting; and/or follow the JHU Press on Facebook and Twitter.