Meet us in Jacksonville: American Society of Mammalogists

The long-anticipated fourth edition of the leading mammalogy textbook by George A. Feldhamer, Lee C. Drickamer, Stephen H. Vessey, Joseph F. Merritt, and Carey Krajewski is the featured book at this year’s Johns Hopkins University Press book display at the American Society of Mammalogists 2015 Annual Meeting. Mammalogy headlines a list of titles that cover every aspect of the field.

As America’s top mammalogy publisher, Johns Hopkins is thrilled to once again display titles by leading mammalogists, including Troy Best, Gerardo Ceballos, Andy Derocher, Dan Gebo, Stan Gehrt, Colin Groves, Paul Krausman, Tom Kunz, William McShea, Joe Merritt, Virginia Naples, Ron Nowak, DeeAnn Reeder, Seth Riley, Uldis Roze, John Seidensticker, Richard Thorington, and Don Wilson.

Editor Vince Burke will be on site to talk to anyone interested in chatting about book publishing, and JHUP will offer a deep discount for all our published titles at the meeting. With quality books on topics that range from small mammals to polar bears, browsing our booth is a great way to spend time in the exhibit hall. This year we’ll be offering special deep discount for orders of Mammals of Mexico. Stop by to take a look at this outstanding reference book and all the other quality works that surround it. See you in Jacksonville later this week!

feldhamerMammalogy: Adaptation, Diversity, Ecology, fourth edition
by George A. Feldhamer, Lee C. Drickamer, Stephen H. Vessey, Joseph F. Merritt, and Carey Krajewski

A classroom classic, this completely revised and updated edition of the leading mammalogy textbook reflects the expertise and perspective of five leading mammalogists—with significant updates of taxonomy, a new chapter on mammalian molecular phylogenetics, and discussions of recently described species.

“This attractive book will be welcome to those seeking a well-written, current text to use in their mammalogy courses . . . It is logically organized, clearly written, well referenced, and nicely illustrated.”—Journal of Mammalogy, reviewing the previous edition

ceballoMammals of Mexico
edited by Gerardo Ceballos

Mammals of Mexico is the first reference book in English on the more than 500 types of mammal species found in the diverse Mexican habitats, which range from the Sonoran Desert to the Chiapas cloud forests.

“Gerardo Ceballos is an internationally recognized scientist known for his remarkable breadth and insights.”—Bruce Patterson, The Field Museum

geboPrimate Comparative Anatomy
by Daniel L. Gebo

This heavily illustrated, up-to-date textbook provides straightforward explanations of primate anatomy that move logically through the body plan and across species.

“Primate Comparative Anatomy is a very strong addition to the available books on primate anatomy. A clear, logical, and useful resource for students and a nice quick reference for researchers.”—Timothy M. Ryan, The Pennsylvania State University


Roads and Ecological Infrastructure: Concepts and Applications for Small Animals
edited by Kimberly M. Andrews, Priya Nanjappa, and Seth P. D. Riley

Wildlife Habitat Conservation: Concepts, Challenges, and Solutions
edited by Michael L. Morrison and Heather A. Mathewson

Mapping Disease Transmission Risk: Enriching Models Using Biogeography and Ecology
by Townsend Peterson

Essential Readings in Evolutionary Biology
edited by Francisco J. Ayala and John C. Avise

JHUP-sciencemath-2015Browse our new Science and Math catalog to see more terrific titles in mammalogy and life sciences.

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