Moving the JHUP book archive (AKA Project Silverfish)

By Davida G. Breier


I became the fulfillment operations manager for Hopkins Fulfillment Services (HFS) in January 2010. My job description included several tangential tasks, including ordering archive copies of recently released titles and the laissez-faire management of the off-site JHUP archive. For many years HFS had its own distribution warehouse, but in 2001 HFS partnered with Maple Logistics Solutions and stock was moved to Pennsylvania. At that point, the archive was transferred to a warehouse in Hampden, a Baltimore neighborhood near JHUP’s offices. After several failed attempts to visit the archive location, I finally made it there in July 2013.


The warehouse served multiple purposes, including being a print shop and graveyard for unloved office furniture. Unfortunately, it was ill-suited for the purpose of archiving books. The space wasn’t climate controlled, and it was immediately evident that damage was occurring from damp, dust, and possibly very small wildlife.

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